About Us

Focused on creating value.

Who we are

Capstone Developments creates value through deep involvement at each stage of the development process, from opportunity sourcing, due diligence, underwriting, financing, project management, construction, marketing, sales, leasing and property management.

Our relationship-based approach

We take a relationship-based and long term thinking approach with all stakeholders. By rooting our decision making in a values-based framework, we ensure that laser focus and integrity drive our choices.

Actions guided by integrity

Our Capstone Core Values provide a clear guide for decision making, promote accountability and transparency, and foster a positive and productive culture. We look to these core values to serve as the basis for decision making.

Having a shared set of values as the foundation for all decision-making enables us to make choices that are true to our mission and priorities, and that ultimately lead to long-term success.

Defining our values ensures we remain focused on what is important to us. Consistency in decision-making is not only beneficial for our bottom line, but also for our reputation and the trust of our customers and partners.

Our Team

Andrew Pascal


Robert Tortorici


Jennifer Orleans

Project Manager

Marina Filkovsky

Property manager